“Tatanka” is the Lakota word for the American bison. We chose the Tatanka name because of our admiration for the traits, symbolism and heritage associated with the bison and how they fit with the values and principles that guide everything we do.

  • American: The bison is a uniquely American species and the largest land mammal on the continent. Tatanka Midstream will serve the needs of energy producers, marketers and consumers across North America.
  • Sustainability: The bison was hunted to near extinction in the 19th century by people unconcerned with sustainability and the impact of their activities on others. Tatanka Midstream will continuously seek new ways to conserve resources for future generations and reduce any negative impact of our operations.
  • Powerful, Yet Agile: While a powerful animal, the bison can also run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour when necessary. Tatanka Midstream will serve its customers and other stakeholders well and will respond quickly to changing needs.
  • Abundance, Provision & Prosperity: To the original people of the Great Plains, the bison was a source of everything from food and shelter to weapons and implements. Tatanka Midstream will create exceptional value for all stakeholders.